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Work team

Lylian Rodríguez J

Zootecnista of the University of the Salle, MSc in Sustainable Systems of Agricultural Production, Sweden, studies and thesis realized in Vietnam, PhD in Tropical Agricultural Production, University of Humboldt, Germany with research work done in Colombia

Mabel Juliana Quintero 

Professor and Researcher University, Bacteriologist Master 's Degree. Master' s Degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Rebeca García

Master in renewable energy and environment and environmental educator with experience in organic waste management and anaerobic processes of digestion of organic matter. Facilitator of courses and workshops in environmental education and environmental management and renewable energies.

Franklin Patiño Molina

University professor, Mechanical Engineer and currently Master's degree in mechanical engineering at the Industrial University of Santander UIS

Jair Orosco Martínez

Chemical Engineer, Coordinator Project Gasification and Biodigestion in Coffee Farms of the UTA Foundation.

Marco I. Vega Delgado

Agronomist Engineer, Graduated 2016 from EARTH University and intern at the UTA Foundation - RedBioCol 2017.

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